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need a little time to wake up
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Jun. 17th, 2011 @ 02:56 pm (no subject)
Cm C
i will wander here alone
Cm C
until you call me back home
Em Am
where i belong where im from
Em F G
where i return where i become

C G Cm C
true to myself thru the beat of the drums
C G Cm C
free from this i i call myself
C G Cm C
to rise and fall with the ocean tides
C G Cm C
to raise my spirit to the sky
Em Am F C
to sink below to the underground
Em Am F G
that is where my soul is found

and i can hear you say goodbye
but ill do my best not to cry
cuz you made me see
how good we could be
if we were free
just you and me
now i am free to find my melody
to become what i am meant to be

if i let you break me with your sweet sweet lies
just another junky with a clever diguise
i know youll tell me what i want to hear
but ive discovered theres no truth in your eyes
and now im so far gone
so far gone from here

i will follow my feet
to the ancient streets
feeling so far from my home
never felt so all alone
and so the fall into lifes sea of mysteries
without a sail or paddle or a
whisper of breeze
another drifter searching for eternity
trying so hard
to keep ahold on my heart
but these illusions keep tearing me apart
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Jun. 16th, 2011 @ 02:10 pm (no subject)
feels like happy
come follow me im falling down
to the sound of your heartbeat
come dance with me
your feet will pound out the rhythm
while i twist a melody
were just keeping time
with the universal mind
reminds me were all as one
so i rise to meet you
my sweetest friend
can you make me whole again

come on and fall with me
this is our chance to be free
i can feel you changing me
but its alrite its alrite with me
cuz this feels like happiness to me
feels like happy to me

i can almost kiss the sky
that crazy feeling when your dreams are realized
so lets come up and take this town tonite
dont try to resist this feeling
you know its never worth the fight

happiness is never hard to find
if you let your soul be your guide
and if the road get so rough
you cant find your way at all
i will give you my hand if you stumble
i will catch you if you fall
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Sep. 12th, 2009 @ 10:56 pm (no subject)
what is lost to time
if you forget the hands unwind
memory grabs you by the throat
in vivid streams
music laughter energy
potent as gypsy wine
what time is lost to ignorance
if you remember those subtle hints
you couldnt comprehend them then
as you reminisce
mind slyly untwists
deeper tones and meaning
what ingnorance is lost in time
if you accept the lessons taught
by stumbling and by falling down
your feet will better know the ground
to walk run and dance
warming all the souls around
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Jan. 24th, 2009 @ 12:00 pm (no subject)
give me just one look and ill tell you why
i cant resist the darkness in your eyes
as it pulls me in i can only sigh
and i wonder is this how it feels to fly
home on the wings of someone elses heart
caught up in the madness one look can start
you can try to resist and deny your heart
but this moment wont lie
and these souls they wont part
you give me that look and i just cant breathe
my hands sweat and shake i just cant believe
that im the most beautiful thing youve ever seen
then the air fills my lungs and the rooms spins around
the center of us and the love we have found
never was there a more loving sound
than my name on your lips as my feet leave the ground
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Oct. 16th, 2008 @ 11:57 am (no subject)
will you turn and look my way
or just turn away
before you leave at least you could say
you wiped my last tear away
will you turn and look my way

now who is this im looking thru
i know me less than i know you
now all of this has fallen thru
ill never turn and look for you

baby wont you smile for me
if nothing else in life is free
see now my pride is on its knees
i claim heartache is my disease
can you cure me
can you cure me please

baby dont you let me be
ill bare my skin my soul for thee
if anything in life is free
my love its what you give to me
all these bittersweet
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Mar. 12th, 2008 @ 10:50 am (no subject)
 what can i do 
when emotions turn to tidal waves
the past loves and old regrets 
pull me into the undertow
then miles of emptiness wash over me
and in those salty rivers i can taste
the bitter loneliness i face
when the night whispers to me
of shadows and mysteries
a cool voice in the dark
such gentle persuasion
come on you child of night
come dance under the sweet starlight
forget the world
and its cruel seeming fate
the cold voice of the wind
whips through me
reminds me of the warmth 
just beyond my reach
what can i do
when the ache is almost
to much to bear
the past reminds me
in its subtle ways
that i have much to learn 
the future stretches on ahead
a waiting mystery
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Jan. 30th, 2008 @ 10:58 am another love song?
i need you to hold onto me like it would save your life
and i cant stand waking up alone despite everything ive tried
is it true that love will make you a fool
ive found its true just as well 
but ill need years experience 

of singing songs to the air 
when my sheets are bare of you
tracing tears down my face 
when my heart cant turn to you
should i care that all my thoughts 
eventually return to you
baby please tell me you need me 
like i need you

i want you to kiss me like its the 1st we shared
and i cant when you turn away like you never even cared
is it true that only fools fall in love
ive found im just a fool as well  
but now ive got years experience

of singin songs to the air
when my sheets are bare of you
chasing tears across my face 
when my heart it broke in two
should i care that every song i sing 
is eventually about you
baby please tell me you want me
like i want you
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Jan. 3rd, 2008 @ 02:59 pm Lanes of Memory
do you remember back // were still just kids // trying to ecsape those lonely hours // find something we knew was ours // desperate hopes // still familiar // how we longed to shed our innocence // not knowing what would come of it // or how exactly do you go about it? // you picked me up // twirled me around // i took you home // showed you my room // we both knew we were bound // to go to bed // but then the years passed me by // and i let unrequited love steal the tears from my eyes // while you dreamed of me // i hope you dreamed of me // i wish i waited for you ~
do you remember when we were friends? // we were still just kids // trying to escape my past // i told you i was broken // and you picked me up // we found what was ours // and you gave me desperate hopes // so familiar // to us both // and we knew what would come of this // and we couldnt care one goddamn bit // you laid me down on that grassy ground // and made us more than friends // oh we knew we were bound to go to bed // know i was lost untill you found me // and made me beautiful // in your eyes
do you remember when i told you // youre the one i love //
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Oct. 31st, 2007 @ 09:31 pm do you ever miss
the times we sang the stars into the darkness of our sky
those nights when time just seemed to slip right by
open hands silently  waiting for the wind
open hearts beating with the need to let the other in
do you ever miss those times we talked
 until there was nothing left to say
when words escaped the feelings shared 
but your eyes begged me to stay
do you ever miss the innocence 
of that first sweet kiss
the way my fingers played on your skin
the way you made my vision mist
do you ever miss my whispers in your ear
the songs i sing for you when the joy in me is clear
do you ever miss the warmth we shared
do you ever miss how much i cared
you wont ever have to miss anything
just stay with me my love ill bring
you inside and make your heart sing
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Sep. 29th, 2007 @ 02:30 pm -------------------------------------------------------
  chasing words 
my timeless pursuit
always fails to bring me back
to where i started
swirling away on familiar
 tides of dispair 
chasing tears
away again
my fruitless pursuit
of a happy ending
always brings me back around
just where I began
floating away on mists of
chasing time
two steps behind
catching up will never 
bring me back the moments
ive wasted 
when tears took the place
of hollow words
and silence 
was never hard to come by
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